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This fourth book in the Tinysaurs series features Clawdie, Spike, and Roary as they navigate the first day of a new school year--with a little bit of grace and a lot of humor!

The Tinysaurs return with a fun back-to-school adventure! Clawdie, Spike, and Roary are eager to return to school, and they start the day with a school-wide assembly. Whie Roary experiences his first lessons in learning letters and counting, Clawdie sings--quite loudly!--with her class, and Spike accidentally pops the ball that the children were using at recess on his spikes. And despite the cafeteria not having Roary's favorite lunch--lizard sandwiches--the day turns out to be a success.

Meet the Tinysaurs! Clawdie, Spike, and young Roary are tiny dinosaurs who are ready and willing to lend a hand in any situation. These adorable friends always work together to bring smiles and happiness wherever they go!