Tree in My Garden: Choose One Tree, Plant It - And Change the World

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One tree, in one garden. Can it really make a difference?

In RHS The Tree in My Garden, award-winning wildlife author Kate Bradbury reveals the amazing effect planting a single tree in your garden can have - and dares to imagine what would happen if every gardener up and down the country did the same. Combining practical gardening advice, eye-opening scientific research, reflections on the cultural importance of different species, and evocative accounts of how vital trees are for countless different forms of wildlife, this book will leave you in no doubt that every garden needs a tree!

This terrific tree book features a directory of 50 key species, each one beautifully illustrated by Lucille Clerc and packed with information about each tree's appearance, care needs, carbon sequestration ability, and the wildlife it supports - to help you choose the best tree for your own garden, or learn more about the trees you may already have.

Dive into the pages of this tree identification book to discover:

- 50 illustrated profiles of a wide range of trees suitable for different gardens and preferences
- Interesting anecdotes about history and folklore associated with the tree.
- Eye-opening accounts of the importance of trees for our planet, our wildlife, and ourselves
- Essential practical information to help readers choose, plant, prune, and care for their tree
- Ideas for making your own leafmould and ways to get involved in community planting projects.
- Stunning illustrations by Lucille Clerc that convey the beauty and the mystery of trees

This book is perfect for anyone wanting to attract more wildlife to their garden! So whether you're an environmentalist intent on reducing your carbon footprint, a budding gardener looking to choose the best tree for your outdoor space or you're simply seeking a guide about the natural history of the trees in your garden, RHS The Tree In My Garden is something the whole family can explore, discover and love.

No garden should be without a tree. Plant one, watch it grow - and become part of something bigger!