Uncommon Unity: Wisdom for the Church in an Age of Division

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2022 Christianity Today Finalist, Politics & Public Life

"A crucial book." --Timothy Keller

Our world is facing increasing hostilities. Political and cultural differences rage, even among people who otherwise show goodwill. And the church is no stranger to extreme polarization, theological backbiting, and political squabbling. Jesus's prayer in John 17--that the church be one as he and the Father are one--seems increasingly unattainable.

But what if Scripture actually provides the key for thinking about unity in diversity?

In Uncommon Unity: Wisdom for the Church in an Age of Division, Richard Lints explores the nature of diversity and how Christians can think more clearly about unity in an increasingly polarized age. Drawing on theological, historical, and sociological resources, Lints exposes problems with the inclusion narrative of democracy and shows a better way forward for fostering unity in the midst of extreme diversity. If we are to think rightly about diversity, wisdom is required for the church in our late modern world. Through wisdom, Christians can display real unity in diversity and bear witness of the God who made them for himself as diverse members of his one body.

Readers of Uncommon Unity will be heartened that Scripture and Christian tradition provide an antidote to division.