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Perfect for fans of comical animal do-gooders like The Bad Guys, The InvestiGators, and The Chicken Squad, this hilarious chapter book series follows a group of bumbling dog detectives and their newest recruit--a cat! In their third case, the Underdogs must fetch the identity of a tennis ball thief.

Crime is on the rise in Dogtown, and it's all thanks to a doggone thief! It's nearly time for the Dogtown Tennis Grand Slam, but all the balls have gone missing. Could Boris Barker, the famed international tennis pro, be behind it all? Or what about Steffi Gruff? Or Novak Dogavic? No matter who the culprit is, if they're not stopped, the tournament will be ruined.

So it's time to call in the Underdog Detective Agency: with Barkley the German shepherd, Carl the Chihuahua, Dr. Spots the Dalmatian, and Fang . . . the cat. (Yes, a CAT!) What the Underdogs lack in skill, they make up for in grit and determination. And they jump on the case like a dog with a ball, but can they save the day and serve up the criminal mastermind in time? Or will it be game, set, match? You'll have to read to find out in this paws-itively hilarious mystery!