Vegetarian Salad for Dinner: Inventive Plant-Forward Meals

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The vegetarian sequel to Jeanne Kelley's highly successful cookbook Salad for Dinner (2012). This inspiring single-subject cookbook reimagines the traditional idea of a salad as a main course meal.

People love a good salad! This hunger for salad is matched by a genuine desire for good vegetarian dinner ideas and better plant-based recipes. Jeanne Kelley shares a new collection of creative, easy-to-follow, and foolproof salad recipes for lifelong vegetarians looking for inspiration, omnivores looking to up their meatless Monday game, and general salad enthusiasts. With bold flavors influenced by the vibrant dining scene and the abundant produce of the author's home garden, the recipes are innovative yet approachable, satisfying experienced and novice cooks alike.

The salads range from familiar to exotic, taking the idea beyond the traditional tossed bowl, with creative categories such as classic salads, grain salads, pulse salads, salads with seeds, pasta salads, bread salads, and roasted and toasted salads. The recipes range from suitable for busy weeknight--like Warm Brussel Sprout Caesar with Poached Egg, Tostada Salad with Creamy Lime-Avocado Dressing, and Chinese No Chicken Salad--to weekend showstoppers such as Herby Fattoush, Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Mung Beans and Black Tahini, Vietnamese-Style Salad Rolls, and North African-Style Chickpea Pancake with Salad Turnips, Greens, and Harissa.