Write Yourself Out of a Corner: 100 Exercises to Unlock Creativity

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When you are facing down a blank page (or screen), a constraint-based prompt--for example, "you must use the words 'cloud' and 'green'" or "you must set the scene in a crowded grocery store"--can get your brain working in unexpected ways.

In this creative writing guide, longtime teacher and novelist Alice LaPlante shares 100 original exercises that will simultaneously push you into a corner and give you the tools to write yourself out of it. LaPlante explains the purpose of each exercise--to sharpen your ear for dialogue, generate surprising images, or access intense emotions--and breaks down student examples to reveal how to achieve these goals. Whether you are looking to jumpstart new ideas or find a fresh angle on a work in progress, and whether you write fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry, Write Yourself Out of a Corner will strengthen your imagination and your craft.