Year in the Edible Garden: A Month-By-Month Guide to Growing and Harvesting Vegetables, Herbs, and Edible Flowers

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This beautifully photographed guide celebrates the endless possibilities of the vegetable patch and shows that edible gardening can be both productive and stunning to behold.

International gardening and cooking expert Sarah Raven shares her wealth of knowledge about how to have a bountiful--and beautiful--kitchen garden. With the belief that we should all grow more of what we eat, she imparts her experience on making the most of any outdoor space along with sage advice about the best things to grow and harvest easily and efficiently along with their culinary uses. The varieties highlighted are accessible, but Sarah also includes many flavorful heirlooms as well as rarities difficult to find in markets.

Being connected to the food on our plate and to the landscape around us has never been more important, and everything Sarah does is strictly organic. She focuses on growing the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest produce without resorting to artificial inputs or chemicals.

Although the book is primarily focused on edibles, Sarah includes flowers (some edible too) because they attract pollinators and beneficial insects while beautifying the vegetable patch. Solid, practical advice is mixed with inspirational ideas, and aspirational photos of Sarah's own showstopping garden are sure to inspire any home gardener.